8 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Your Living Room with Plants

Updated: May 13, 2020

According to this year's trends, greenery is all over the charts—searches for use of greenery in decor are up by almost 100% from last year. While flower arrangements are gorgeous, adding real or faux greenery is a stunning way to bring the outside in, no matter what season. Whether at home or in the office - you can never underrate having plants as part of the décor. Indoor plants can add a hint of colour and style to our daily living spaces. Of course, the trend of having indoor plants in the living room does not seem to be changing anytime soon. Plant décor can make your living space more breathable and relaxed.

Here are some of the ways to decorate an indoor plant in living rooms.

1. A Large Plant beside the Sofa

This is typically a section that may be a touch bit empty or neglected. The idea here is to bet on a large-sized ornamental plant. It will look amazing if done right. Here are some of the plants to try out for -Areca palm, dracaena and umbrella papyrus.

2. Pick a Shelf

Decorating your living room with plants on shelves could be a smart plan. But dedicating an entire shelf to particularly place plants might look bland and boring. Instead, we can mix it up; we can use it for keeping books, decoration pieces and many more.

3. Use a Bench

Placing a single plant will seem unimpressive – so use a bench and opt for accumulation. This will create volume and have a cabinet effect. The idea is to bring into play a mix of plants, sizes, and pots. If not a bench, get inventive use a beautiful chair or any other surface capable of accommodating your plants.

4. Have Stunning Pots, customize

Pots are easily available in a variety of sizes, you can choose beautiful pots like ceramic pots, designer pots or you can customize existing pots by painting them. It’s a brilliant way to bring in your touch and integrate decoration in plants and vice versa.

5. Decorate that corner

You probably have an awkward corner in the living room or maybe that space under your staircase -here are few options for dealing with this. The idea is to have one big plant that can be placed in the corner of the living room. The other option is to accumulate a mix of small plants of different types. It is a good idea to use a plant holder stands for enhanced looks.

6.Hanging Plants

Another great idea is to have hanging planters in the living area. Using small planters it’s possible to keep a variety of wonderful plants that not only beautify the space but also add a new dash of freshness to space. Even better, it’s really easy to set up. Use just a few small planters and or single hanging planter to create a gorgeous effect.

7. Floating Greenery

Rather than using the whole plant, just put a branch or shoot in a vase. Pick plants that won’t need soil to sustain and place it in glass vase or bowls along with water. This serves perfect both for a modern or bohemian interior. Go ahead and place them inside shelves, above tables, and near windows.

8. Fake It!

Now, finally, if you absolutely, positively just don’t have time, patience or the luck to be successful with plants of any kind, but you still want to feel like there’s a touch of nature to your space –here’s what you do. A bit of decorating creativity is all it takes; look at accessories, big and small, a plant motif or pillows that include your flowers, or even painting a floral scene on your wall, will all work to give you some sense of having plants around.

Those are the eight delightful ways to decorate indoor plants in the living room. These concepts can certainly pep up the environment in the living room area. Be sure to combine the aesthetic beauty of the greenery and/or flowers with the functionality of the plant in ways that allow the plant to not only contribute to the look of the space but also be of some use. Well, to make it a bit easy for you we present to you our list of top low maintenance indoor plants, best suited for the Indian climate.

  1. Snake Plant

  2. Peace Lily

  3. Aloe Vera

  4. Ferns

  5. Flamingo flower

  6. Areca palm

  7. Money Plant

  8. Warneck Dracaena

  9. Green Spider Plant

  10. Croton

  11. Indian Basil

  12. Jade Plant

  13. Weeping Fig

  14. Ladies’ Slipper Orchid

Do you have any other tricks you use? There could be are plenty more, but those are the ones we usually stick to. And they WORK!

Drop any tips you have in the comments.

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