7 Secrets to a Fab Living Room

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Is your living room feeling a little lifeless and stale? It's natural you want your living room to look and feel its absolute best. Whether you haven't redecorated your space in over a decade or you just want a trick or two to perk up the space; these unexpected living room decor ideas will help update your space.

Borrowing some of the best decor ideas from designers and bloggers, we've put together easy but exciting ways to liven up your living room. Whether you decide to add some furniture or set pop it up with an eye-catching rug, these pro-approved tips will create a comfortable and stylish living room you'll love.

Fresh Accent wall

Add an accent wall for a low budget, high-impact living room. Create an anchor or a place for your eye to rest, use a beautiful artwork, a cool light fixture or a nice view, this will help ground the room and define its function.

Re-Hang Your Curtains

Hang your curtains hung just below the ceiling and wide beyond the edge of your windows. Placing your curtains as high and wide as possible will allow more natural light to enter the room and make your windows appear larger; making it look instantly more luxurious.

Arrange the seating strategically

Your couch is often the largest piece of furniture in the living room, so having it in the right spot can make all the difference. Create a cosy conversation area by grouping seating around a large window, taking advantage of light and views.

Get a Rocking Rug

Most designers use a rug larger than the overall seating to make the room feel bigger. "This is often a misconception we find in people’s homes. They are of the mindset that a smaller rug makes a room feel larger, when in fact a smaller rug can make the room feel a bit more fragmented. We love when all the furniture sits on the rug creating an intimate and cohesive space," according to the designers.

Choose one Colourful statement piece

Add an easy pop of colour with a bright chair, in this sitting area. Complete the room with a gallery wall, plenty of plants to bring the outdoors in, and chunky knits to make things cosy.

Bring in the greenery

Bring the greenery in with a large plant as focal point on a table, like designer did here.

A little greenery will always make a room feel more alive and fresh. Whether it is a small low-maintenance succulent, or a larger fiddle-leaf fig tree, consider adding a plant or two in your living room to give it that finishing touch. Look up few feng-shui design principles and choose a plant for your home that promotes both balance and good fortune.

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with opting for fake houseplants; often, they look like the real thing, and require less upkeep.

Choose Statement Lighting

Use an eye-catching flush mount chandelier (great for low ceilings) or pendant light to create a focal point for your living room.

Conmest: Every home is different and unique, and we can help you find the best home decor and home design to match your needs and style.

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