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Are you considering a breakfast bar for your new kitchen design? Here are a few ideas that will inspire your project.

A breakfast bar is a fantastic addition to any kitchen design, offering different ways to add extra seating or another surface in a room. Kitchen breakfast bar (or) breakfast counter makes it easy for households to achieve a multi-functional scheme. By extending a layout with the right seating, this type of counter creates a dedicated place for enjoying a quick breakfast or casual dining, which can double up for remote working without taking up extra floor space. To help you choose the right design, we have put together these tips to show how you can incorporate breakfast bar worktops in your home.

To help you choose the right design, we have put together some design ideas to show how you can incorporate breakfast bar worktops in your home.

#1. Extend the island

Taking advantage of a larger space you could add a breakfast bar table to an island and create an exciting centerpiece for the kitchen. This design will define zones for food preparation and dining, the base and overhanging counter free up floor space and allow the stools to tuck snugly underneath.

White and Grey Kitchen

Image: Studio Muir

#2. Mix It up

Add zing to a larger kitchen island by opting for contrasting surfaces. Here, a polished counter (E.g. quartz), provides an easy-clean surface for food preparation, while the breakfast bar, made from sleek solid wood, defines the dining area for the family. Combine with pendant lighting and seating in similar tones.

Modern Grey Kitchen

Image: Decoist

#3. Add texture

Double up on style by creating a breakfast bar that uses texture to create a luxe, layered look. This idea makes it easy to combine new trends in a subtle way, as you can pair classic colors, with a contemporary hue and create a personalized feature that combines modern and heritage aesthetics.

Cool Grey kitchen with Yellow splash

Image: Decoist

#4. Windowsill Breakfast Bars

For a compact breakfast bar idea that is great for small rooms, add a thick top counter, span across the window. A shallow-depth base unit for a place to perch during cooking which will double up as a breakfast bar, this smart hack will provide extra space to prepare meals and will add storage at either end for essentials.

Striking Grey Kitchen

Image: construction2style.com

#5. Floating Breakfast Bars

If you have a small kitchen, a wall-mounted breakfast bar is a good option. Make sure it’s foldable and you can make it as large as you need. Tip: You can attach a floating breakfast bar to your kitchen island to separate your cooking and eating space.

Industrial Grey Kitchen

Image: Atim-Snack-Table

#6. Build a home bar

As staying in becomes the new normal, give your kitchen island an alternative purpose - consider making some simple additions to ensure socializing at home is enjoyable. Add a clever wine store/chiller beneath the breakfast bar, it's a great use of space and will add a unique and interesting feature.

Image: Roundhouse Design

#7. Add another level

Create a timeless look for less with this smart design idea. The island in the kitchen can be extended with the addition of a contemporary kitchen table. The two furnishings are separate but look as though they are one luxurious kitchen island across different levels.

Image: Decoist

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