Top 5 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for Home Office

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Working from home is a new normal for most of us. It is exciting because it offers a chance for real comfort and efficiency. A home office also gives us an opportunity to design an office space that inspires and motivates. A great way to create a space that is productive and has a peaceful ambiance is with plants.

Benefits of Plants in Home Office

Research suggests plants can improve air quality, health, mood, and productivity. Here’s how:

Air Purifier: Research shows, from NASA, that plants can remove toxins from the air. You might be thinking toxins at home are not a possibility. Think again. Furniture, cooking, carpets, pen and printer ink, and closed doors might make it worse than you think. Plants ensure a healthier workspace.

Mood Enhancer: Plants in-home office space or office desk can boost mood, reduce stress, and make it a more appealing place to be.

Boost Productivity: Plants can create a peaceful ambiance around you that leads to a good attitude and boost productivity. Research has shown that plants also increase attentiveness and alertness, which is important to getting things done, amid distractions at home.

Improved Health: Plants can reduce headaches, dry eyes, cough, and more, as suggested by research from Norway. Plants also act as natural humidifiers, which help reduction of dry skin, sore throat, and dry coughs.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Plant for Home Office

Space: Check your space for good airflow. Shoving plants behind or in-between furniture or walls is not a great idea. If you have a cramped space, do leave the door open at times so the plant can get some air.

Light: Plants have varying lighting needs. If your desk/ home office is a room without windows or natural light, choose a plant that doesn’t need a lot of light to thrive. If you do have good light, use it wisely, don’t place a plant that doesn’t like direct sunlight there.

Maintenance: If you don’t have time or if you have never done it before, consider plants that don’t need a lot of care. Pick plants that are low maintenance and thrive on minimal watering. It is possible to over-water a plant, as well as under-water it, so do chose right.

What are the best plants for your home office?

There are many great options that can fit nicely into a workplace, many of which will thrive in low-light conditions and require very little maintenance. We have listed below the best five for easy maintenance and optimal for cleaning the air and offering other health benefits.

Best Home Office Plant #1: Cacti

If you're a plant greenhorn, pick up a cactus. These plants only have to be watered once a week during the spring and summer, and every two weeks during winter. They thrive in sunlit space or windowsill. You will find them in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Water: Low Sunlight: High

Best Home Office Plant #2: Aloe vera

The aloe plant is known for its incredible ability to absorb harmful chemicals from the air around you, and also for the healing aloe gel. This plant is easy to care for and can easily survive inside as long as it has adequate sunlight. Aloe requires watering once or twice a month.

Water: Low

Sunlight: Moderate

Best Home Office Plant #3: Devil’s Ivy

Here’s yet another low-maintenance indoor plant, the devil’s ivy. The best part about this office plant is that it can grow in both soil and water. It only needs minimal care and thrives under indirect sunlight.

Water: Moderate

Sunlight: Low

Best Home Office Plant #4: Snake Plant

Snake Plant is also an easy-to-maintain indoor plant that can make your home office feel livelier. They are of the toughest houseplants known to survive in almost any environment, and can even go without water for days at a time. So, these are your best bet, if you are not great at maintaining your plants.

Water: Low

Sunlight: Low

Best Home Office Plant #5: Peace Lily

A surprisingly easy-to-grow variety of flowering plants, the Peace lily is perfect for the dark corners of your office. All it needs is a little moist soil; you can mist the leaves now and then to keep it nourished. The pretty white flowers add a little more flair to the office.

Water: Moderate

Sunlight: Low

Conmest: Every home is different and unique, and we can help you find the best home decor and home design to match your needs and style.

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