10 Minimalist Home Office ideas and designs that we like

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

It's not easy to be productive at home, and given that your home office could realistically become your real office sooner than later. A dedicated workspace in your home might just help you set aside household distractions and focus on work. The best inspire your productivity to get that last bit of work done while looking just as good. Think ample sunlight, organized surfaces, refreshing colors, and comfortable furniture to work on. Here, we’ve put together 11 home- office ideas that we like and hope you will find some inspiration.

#1. White Office space

The all-white interiors always make space look bigger than it is. We love the way it can turn an awkward nook in the house into a chic home office. This Office design includes custom-built cabinets with smooth facings, shelf desk, and side cabinet.

#2. Floating Shelves

This small corner home office is a complete workstation but without bulkiness. The trick is to make use of the vertical space, hold it up with some floating shelves. We like the little touch of the chalkboard wall behind – practical and productive.

#3. Pleasant Pastels

This stylish and modern home office is simple and includes only the essentials, but is bright and engaging with its pleasant pastel accents. The tones do not clash with the neutrals and cool ambience of the minimalist interiors.

#4. The Bare Essentials

The simplicity of the design keeps what is essential and eliminates all excesses. Keep your desk clutter-free, add in simple and comfy furniture and voila; you'll be ready for your work. We like how the design lifts things up—so it doesn't look bland or sterile—add a plant or wall hanging.

#5. Scandinavian Style

Keep the home office aesthetic clean and calming with the Swedish desk. The bright and well-designed Scandinavian style is perfect for an efficient and practical home office. Featuring a textured wall, bare wood table, and a black chair this minimalist home office both functional and gorgeous.

#6. Organized or Clutter?

When you can’t avoid the clutter, get creative with your organizing. This modern home office looks neat and organized despite the overkill of materials and other office stuff in it. The entire wall serves as its storage with floating shelves and organizers. Storage on the side with baskets and boxes keeps all stuff out of the way; the small office desk is kept clean and efficient.

#7. Luxurious Elegance

This classy home office features a basic desk, wooden floor, black wood shelving covering an entire wall and light-textured carpet to go with it. The window wall gets in a good dose of sunlight. The right mix of minimalist elements gives this room an elegant and luxurious finish.

#8. Drench it in Color

Want to ensure your office isn't a total snooze? Go for an accent wall in a bright shade. This minimalist home office design defies the monochromatic schemes of minimalism, but we like the clean lines and less clutter styling.

#9. Take it outdoors

One of the drawbacks of modern apartment spaces does not usually have enough room for a home office. This design completely overhauls our perception of what a balcony could be - Quiet and full of light, a balcony conversion is a perfect way to squeeze a study into your home.

#10. Turn the Corner

This corner office is a compact and personalized space for comfortable home office work. The built-in desk and storage shelves keep it practical and functional; while the window keeps the nook bright.

Conmest: Every home is different and unique, and we can help you find the best home decor and home design to match your needs and style.

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